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New Template – Progressive Trance Ableton Template (Cosmic Gate Style)

Progressive Trance Ableton Template (Cosmic Gate Style)

A new month, a new project! NextProducers proudly presents the recreation of the Cosmic Gate sound, a very requested project from our community. Dirty basses, epic melodies, big room sounds, all this into one single project. Get it now and start producing like one of the greatest EDM artists.

New FL STUDIO Template on ProducerBox!

Euphoric Uplifting Trance (Daniel Kandi Style) by Stefan Bosch

Learn how to make Trance like the one Daniel Kandi, Now for FL Studio!
This project is made in a collaboration with NextProducers, who also sell their projects here on ProducerBox. (more…)

New Progressive House Ableton Template!

The newest project from us, NextProducers is different from our other stuff. This time we decided to cover a progressive house project, one of the most popular style these days. Last 2, 3 years, this style become so popular, that even pop artists, like Rihana or Loreeen (that won Eurovision) are doing tracks in this directions. (more…)

The First Apple Logic Pro Template!

This is a replica of NextProducer’s “Progressive Trance (Above & Beyond, Arty Style)” template for Logic Pro. With this template you will learn how to sound like Arty and other great progressive trance artists. (more…)