ProducerBox 2.0 has been released!

Hello Dear ProducerBox Community Member,

We are glad to announce that ProducerBox 2.0 has been released!

After a lot of hard work we improved our website and changed it’s design. The new design is more intuitive, elegant and mobile responsive.

The audio preview waves were changed and improved to show more accurate waveform of audio tracks.

Almost every section of the website has been changed and improved for more comfortable simplified usage.

Updated Terms, Privacy & Cookies Policies.

We also changed our Terms & Conditions which we encourage you to revise to make sure you know about new changes and agree or not with it.

Here are significant changes and break points in the Terms & Conditions:

  • Improved Cookie Policy to understand how do we collect information.

  • From now every Author can provide free files and there is a statement in Terms about it.

  • In order to continue activity and provide better support we are changing royalties percentages.

For exclusive authors the new percentages will start from 60% and goes up to 70%. For non-exclusive authors the percentage remains at 50%.

To view revised percentages for new authors and authors who didn’t passed 60% threshold please visit the percentages page.

We didn’t forget about existing authors! The new percentages will cover new users and users who did not passed 60% threshold.

Existing authors will benefit from new changes of up to +10% in increasing their percentages.

Starting from now for existing authors the new percentages has been changed as following:

  • If you had at least 61% → now you’ll get 70% of fixed royalties from each sale.

  • If you had at least 65% → now you’ll get 75% of fixed royalties from each sale.

  • If you had at least 70% → now you’ll get 80% of fixed royalties from each sale.

NOTE: If for some reasons your account shows less percentages than mentioned above do not hesitate to contact our support team.

More Free Files for everyone!

As an author you can now thank your fans and give them free files. Every author can now provide up to one free file which can be newly uploaded or chosen from existing portfolio.

By giving free files you agree with the Free File Terms. Find how free files are provided in Terms & Conditions -> Section B. Point 10. Providing Free files.

We hope you’ll feel comfortable and will like the new improvements and changes.

Yes, the new version is raw so it may have some bugs or errors but we’ll do our best to make it more stable, faster and much better in any particular section.

More changes and improvements are coming up in the upcoming releases.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about new changes by using comment form below.